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Our world is changing & we all need to learn & adapt fast.  Learning content on the internet is often in English. Why not create some of the Ideas, Concepts, Techniques & Thinking in Malayalam. So for serious learners in the Malayalam audience.

Penpositive Outclass

Outclass means 'to excel or surpass'. And our goal should be to learn, be prepared, adapt and lead change. We compete with ourselves, not others. Every Month I will bring you new Courses, Presentations & Videos from a changing world, ideas and concepts broken into a simple form understandable for anyone in High School & above.

Educational Webinars

If you would like a Private Webinar at your company, Educational Institute or organization please feel free to message me here. Some of the topics can include of Agile Thinking, Scrum Methodology, Education, E-Learning & Career Development. We can do Webinars in English or Malayalam.
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നമസ്കാരണ്ട് !!!

While the written content will be in English, All video content will be in Malayalam. The plan is to do the instruction in Malayalam so it is easier to grasp the concept better.
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English പഠിച്ചാലോ?

Also a free Beginner Plan for English Words, Business Communication & Idioms through short videos in Malayalam
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Being Agile Course (In Malayalam)

An Agile Scrum Course in Malayalam.

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